MINI vehicles have been making an impression for sixty-two years, with no sign of slowing down. The 2021 models are prime examples of this: they take everything that makes MINI attractive and add even more. Models like the MINI Hardtop 2 Door, the MINI Countryman, and more all have upgraded features that make them even more attractive. And, for the first time ever, the Oxford Edition models are available to the general public. In years past, these special MINI models have been offered only to recent college graduates and active or retired US Military members, but 2021 is the year when they're available to all.

At South Bay MINI, we understand the importance of thoroughly researching any vehicle. Sure, MINI models are eye-catching and fun, but what else do they offer? You'll learn all about the practical features and engineering specs of the latest MINI models here. Click the model that looks most appealing to you and you'll find a number of details, from engine power to infotainment options. Once you've learned more about your MINI of choice, head to our showroom to experience it for yourself. These cars are even more fun to drive than they are to look at!

The Story of MINI

In the late 1950s, large sedans enjoyed immense popularity, but rising fuel prices had the market searching for a smaller, more economical everyday commuter car. Sir Leonard Lord dreamed of a car that would be enjoyable and accessible for everyone, a compact and fuel-efficient car that would be high in quality. He asked Alec Issigonis to create such a vehicle, and the first MINI was born. To create the ideal balance of a small footprint and roomy interior space, he pushed the wheels to the corners of the vehicle and positioned the engine sideways--innovations that still mark MINI models to this day. The first MINI rolled onto the streets of England in 1959, and it was an immediate hit. People of all ages and classes fell in love with the MINI, and it was named the "European Car of the Century" in 1999. Designs have progressed, with each new model year adding innovations in safety, technology, and comfort. Still, the spirit of the classic MINI lives on in today's cutting-edge models.

South Bay MINI brings this popular and indomitable spirit to Southern California. We carry a wide selection of MINI models, from the Hardtop 2 Door, which is the direct descendent of the classic MINI, to the Countryman, a Sports Activity Vehicle that still retains the iconic MINI style. Our regularly updated special sale and lease offers provide even better value for these iconic cars. Stop by our showroom to discover a new MINI for yourself.